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Golden Buddha Statue Holding Flower & Medicine Bowl 40"

Golden Buddha Statue Holding Flower & Medicine Bowl 40"
Materials:  Thai Polished Brass
Method:  Sand Casting
Height:  40 inches, or 3 Feet 4 inches
Width:  28 inches
Depth:  22 inches
Weight:  190 pounds
Item# 20t5

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Special Features: 
The Buddha sits peacefully with a medicine bowl resting on his lap in his left hand.  The round bowl has a lid on it that looks like the blooming bud of a flower.  His right hand is placed by his knee with palm open in the abhaya mudra or fear not gesture.  In the tips of his fingers is a fully blossoming flower.    The serene expression on Lord Buddhas face is the highlight of the piece.  The focal point of Buddha statues is usually the face.  The Buddha's countenance captures the dharma of the Buddha.  The slight smile and radiates the Buddhas warmth and compassion. 

Care:  Regular dusting should keep the piece clean.  Over the years the golden polish will fade.  In order to keep the piece shiny you can use a cotton rag and some coconut oil to regularly clean the piece.  You can also use lemon or tamarind juice to wipe the piece down.  The acid from the lemon/tamarind removes any patina. 

Shipping is calculated from Greenwich, Connecticut after the purchase.  Time is needed to pack the piece in a crate.  Each piece is usually shipped within 3 working days.  If you place your order online shipping will show in the order as $0. Shipping will be calculated based on the weight of the sculpture and the distance from Greenwich, CT to determine the shipping price. Shipping will then be added to the total after the order is placed.  Please call 203-629-0902 or email us for a shipping quote.

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