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Large Wood Statue of Ganesh Dancing on Rat Holding Shakti 92"

Large Wood Statue of Ganesh Dancing on Rat Holding Shakti 92"
Materials: Mango Tree Wood from Tamil Nadu
Method: Hand Carved, Hand Painted
Height:  92 inches
Base:  48 x 10 inches
Weight:  195 pounds

Item# 37w18

Special Features:  A very large, beautiful  representation of that Great Lord of the Universe Ganesha: the God who holds within himself the Buddhi (intellect), the Siddhi (spiritual power), and the Riddhi (prosperity).  His infinite sovereignty is represented in the large Mahakala placed above him.  The Goddess Shakti draws her Divine Feminine power from the snake situated below her, and channels it through Lord Ganesha into a victory dance over our mental limitations, resulting in liberty and freedom for all devotees.

The rat upon which Ganesha is dancing represents our minds, which must become subservient to the power of discrimination possessed by this Elephant-headed God.  There is an “Om” inscribed on Ganesha’s large trunk, as he is the God most associated with this Universal Divine “Om” vibration.

Care:  Dust the piece as needed.  You can use a wood cleaner to really make it shine.  Mainly for indoor use.

Shipping is automatically calculated by UPS for shipping within the US and Canada.  Each piece is usually shipped within 24 hours of the order with the exception of the weekend.   If you are in Canada please select "UPS Standard to Canada" for the shipping option.  If you are an international customer please select "TNT International Shipping" during checkout.  The shipping will come out as $0 and will be added to your order.  Please call 203-629-0902 or email us for a shipping quote.

Click here to learn more about the Hindu god Lord Ganesh.  Please email or call us, toll free, with any questions or comments 1(866) LOTUS-12, Click here to return to the top of the page Click here to return to the top of the page


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