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SOLD Village Warrior Hindu God Madurai Veeren 12.5"

SOLD Village Warrior Hindu God Madurai Veeren 12.5"
Item# 40b92
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Materials:       South Indian Lost wax method, bronze
Height:            12.5 inches
Base:            4.5 x 3 inches
Widest Point: 7 inches
Weight:           7 pounds

This hand made, bronze sculpture is a one-of-a-kind statue, hand cast by the artists of south India.

Special features:  Madurai Veeran is a village warrior god. He is often seen in temples in Tamil Nadu. As his name suggests he is associated with the temple city of Madurai. His mustached face is firm and dignified. His right arm is raised holding a sword and his left arm is relaxed holding a club.

There are many legends surrounding Madurai Veeran. One legend goes as follows: Madurai Veeran was the son of a King, country. Veeran's bravery and talent earned him a chance to enter the army as a Commander. But his misfortune made him to fall by his own law which he enforced to eradicate the robbers from the country.

His enemies, by their cunning plot, made the king to believe that he was also one of the robbers and must be punished. The king who was already jealous of Madurai Veeran sentenced him to mutilation by having a hand and a leg removed. Madurai Veeran died as a result of this punishment. Later the King realized that Madurai Veeran was innocent and regretted his act.

It is a common belief in some parts of Tamil Nadu that, when you pray to Madurai Veeran for justice when falsely accused of a crime, the actual perpetrators of the crime will die in a fatal accident or their house will be burnt in a fire accident.

Village Deities:  Different village deities are found in the different districts. Sudalai Madan is worshipped in Tirunelveli district. Madurai Veeren is found in Madurai and Tiruchi districts.   On an average, eight percent of the Hindu population worship village gods daily and fourteen percent occasionally. Twenty-six percent of the Hindu population of Thanjavur district worship village gods daily,  and in Madurai district, about twenty percent.  This percentage is high because of the popularity of Madurai Veeren.

Care:  The piece can be used both indoors and outdoors.  Dust the piece regularly.  If you would like the piece to shine use a cotton cloth with some coconut oil or other natural oil to wipe down the statue.

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