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Buddhist & Hindu Granite Garden Sculpture

Turn your garden into an Eden for either puja or meditation with large and small statues and sculpture of Hindu Gods and the Buddha. All statues are made for the outdoors, perfect for a peaceful and harmonious garden or estate.

Click here for a step by step process of how Lotus Sculpture's large custom statues are produced from raw stone to a beautiful, completed sculpture! click here.

Bala Thandapani, Murugan Statue Holding Staff with Base 41"
Ganesh Granite Sculpture Seated in the Abhaya Mudra 18"
SOLD Enormous Standing Abhaya Mudra Buddha Sculpture 136"
Large Buddha Head Carved in Sectional Blocks 96"
Large Standing Lava Stone Devi Tara Sculpture 97"
Pink Granite Polished Moai Head Statue 90"
Ganesh Sculpture Captured in the Bliss of the Dance 47"
Seated Lakshmi Sculpture Holding Two Lotus Flowers 26"
Large Unfinished Meditating Hanuman Statue 84"
Beautiful Pink Granite Shiva Raksha Lingam 48"
Natural Lingam Stone with Black Marble Yoni 49"
Beautiful Earth Touching Garden Buddha Sculpture 72"
RESERVED Beautiful Reclining Lava Stone Buddha Statue 88"
The Hindu Goddess Kali Statue Standing on Body of Shiva 60"
Seated Granite Buddha Statue with Halo 35.5"
RESERVED Magnificient Statue of the Hindu Goddess Durga with Lion 63"
Custom Large Moai Head Granite Stone Sculpture 168"
Custom Big Easter Island Head Stone Statue 96"
Dancing Ganesh Stone Sculpture with Hand Raised 24"
Beautiful Dancing Indian Lady Holding Flower with Swan 80"
Peaceful Gandhara Buddha Meditating on Large Base 54"
Beautiful Ganesh Statue Holding Noose & Axe with Rat 30"
Custom Large Granite Buddha Statue With Lotus Base 101"
Meditating Mauna Kea Buddha Statue 54"
Custom Calgary Zoo Elephant Crossing Exhibit Ganesh 108"
Large Garden Buddha Statue with Bodhi Leaves & Lions 66"
Granite Murugan Set With Base & Peacock 45"
Large Granite Hanuman Praying to Lord Ram Statue 102"
Large Granite Patanjali Statue  With Om Symbol 93"
Large Vishnu Statue Made From Black Granite 62"
Large Granite Ganesh Statue With Two Rats On Base 81"
Mauna Kea Large Buddha Granite Statue 87"
Buddha Statue Seated on Lotus Base With Siraschakra 26"
Seated Buddha Statue With Halo Made From Black Granite 22"
Granite Patanjali Statue with Five Headed Cobra 44"
Granite Navagraha Set, The Nine Planets 18"
Hand Carved Granite Flower Urn or Bird Bath 21"
Meditating Buddha with Beautiful Siraschakra 47"
Serene Meditating Buddha Garden Statue 48"
Granite Meditating Garden Buddha Statue 32"
Beautiful Ganesh Statue Playing the Tabla 48"
Custom Large Seated Ganesh Holding Noose & Goad 74"
Standing Buddha in Vitarka Mudra with Halo 42"
Smiling Moai Statue Carved From Polished Pink Granite 48"
Thinking Moai Statue Carved from Polished Black Granite 48"
Moai Statue Frowning Carved From Polished Pink Granite 48"
Stone Murugan Statue Riding on Peacock 27"
Durga Defeating the Buffalo Demon Sandstone Statue 30.5"
Contemplative Patanjali Granite Statue with 5 Headed Cobra 77"
Large Statue of Enraged Kali Standing on Shiva 87"
Large Shiva as Dhakshina Murthi the South Facing Lord 88"
Custom Mauna Kea Buddha Granite Statue 64"
Voluptuous Bogashakti Garden Sculpture Seated 40"
Price: $3200
Sale Price: $2600
Custom Daibutsu Japanese Buddha of Kamakura 77"
Standing Parvati Granite Sculpture Holding Lotus Flower 68"
Custom Large Granite Dancing Ganesh Garden Statue 82"
Custom Teaching Mudra Granite Buddha Garden Sculpture 69"
Shakti with Murugan & Lion Base, Piece Two 29"
Price: $2900
Sale Price: $2400
SOLD Siraschakra Shakti on Lotus Base, Piece One 34"
Ten Armed Shakti with Tiger, Piece Three 29"
Shakti With Eight Arms & Beast, Piece Five 29"
Price: $2850
Sale Price: $2250
Custom Meditating Buddha On Lotus Base 48"
Large Standing Gandhara Buddha Garden Statue  102"
Teaching Lord Shiva as Dakshina Murthy 35"
Custom Shiva Bust with Two Snakes Entangled in Hair 36"
Daibutsu Buddha of Kamakura, Japanese Garden Buddha 30"
Custom Large Meditating Garden Buddha Sculpture 90"
Indian Antique Stone Shakti Marriaman Statue 36"
SOLD Buddha Feet Made From Black Granite 16"
Indian Elephant Statue with Detailed Ornaments 49"
Large Stone Nandi, Shiva's White Bull With Base 48"
Pair of Granite Elephants With Raised Trunks For Good Luck 48"
Granite Ramar Set, Lord Ram, Sita, Lakshmana, & Hanuman 50"
Green Granite Laying Ardhanari Garden Sculpture 27"
Granite Statue of Shiva's Vehicle Nandi 19"
Indian Antique Stone Nandi Statue 30"
SOLD Shiva Garden Statue Teaching Dakshina Murthi 33"
Panchamuhkti Hanuman Statue, 5 Faced Hanuman 40"
SOLD Gandhara Buddha with Flowing Robes in Vitarka Mudra 48"
Granite Ganesh Statue Relaxing on a Pillow 23"


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Lotus Sculpture sells bronze, wood, marble, stone statues of Hindu gods including Shiva, Ganesh, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Parvati, Saraswati, Devi, Uma, Kali, Brahma, Hanuman, Rama, Nataraja, Krishna, Murugan, Shakti, Durga, Patanjali and the Buddha.

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