White Marble Carvings of Hindu Gods & Lord Buddha

Lotus Sculpture carries a wide range of colored marble statues from India and Vietnam. All our white marble statues we carry are listed on this page. All our colored marble statues help bring natural color to any home altar, temple or meditation room.

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Hindu Goddess Durga Statue on Lion 18"
White Marble Hanuman Carrying the Mountain of Herbs 15"
White Marble Bala, Baby Krishna Statue 9"
White Makrana Marble Shiva Lingam Statue 21"
Pure White Makrana Marble Ganesh Sculpture 24"
Makrana White Marble Buddha with Devotees 21"
White Makrana Marble Vitarka Mudra Buddha Statue 30"
Meditating Makrana Marble Shiva Sculpture 18"
White Marble Dattatreya Sculpture with Cow & Dogs 24"
Pair of White Makrana Marble Elephant Sculptures 12"
The Eagle King Garuda White Marble Statue 15"
Beautiful Makrana Marble Saraswati Statue Seated on Swan 23"
White Marble Lakshmi Statue Seated on Lotus Flower 15"
Makrana Marble Seated Ganesh Statue 39"
Marble Shiva Statue Seated on a Lion's Skin 9.5"
White Marble Narasimha Killing the Demon Hiranyakashipu 15"
White Makrana Marble Seated Ganesh Statue 15"
Shiva & Parvati Hand Painted Makrana Marble Statue 15"
Hand Painted Seated Ganesh Marble Statue 24"
Makrana White Marble Standing Hanuman Statue 38"
White Marble Statue of Vahara the Boar 24"
White Marble Lakshmi Statue Holding Lotus Flowers 8.5"
Standing White Marble Shiva Statue Holding Trident 15"
Makrana White Marble Palanquin Ganesh with Rats 24"
White Makrana Marble Seated Shiva Sculpture 24"
Painted Makrana Marble Ganesh Statue 23.5"
Marble Teaching Buddha on Lotus Base 36"
Fat & Happy Buddha Statue Holding Wish Stick 36"
White Marble Earth Touching Buddha Statue 24"
Buddha Statue in Dharma Chakra Mudra 24"
Rainy Season Buddha Meditating on Lotus Petal Base 24"
Earth Touching Buddha Statue with Flowing Robes 36"
Buddha Sculpture Meditating on Double Lotus Base 24"
Indra Statue the Hindu God of War 12"
Large White Marble Kwan Yin Statue 126"